“Shibazuke”, passed down
from generation to generation
by the villagers of Ohara

Our company was founded in Ohara, Kyoto. The products we create are the blessings of Ohara's nature, and the result of the collective wisdom of our predecessors. We believe that it is our mission to preserve this invaluable property of Ohara and pass it on to future generations.

100 years of company history
with a long history of traditions

Founded in 1901, DOI SHIBAZUKE HONPO is a “100-year-old company” with a long-standing history.

Techniques passed down
from a thousand years ago

Our company continues to preserve the unique method that has been passed down in Ohara, Kyoto for 1,000 years. Fragrant curly red perilla is harvested at our own farm and pickled with summer vegetables around the time of the Gion Festival.

Stores List

At our stores, we offer the flavors of Ohara: Traditional “Shibazuke” and seasonal pickles, “Oil-free perilla dressing”, “Perilla candy”, and “Perilla juice” made with red perilla grown in our farm.


The village of Ohara in Kyoto, showing the colors of the four seasons. Customers can enjoy the unique taste of Ohara, nurtured by the gentle atmosphere and rich nature.